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What the College Admissions
Process Could Feel Like

At Boulder-Denver College Consultants we are dedicated to teaming with Colorado students and parents to guide them through the college admissions process. We use our professional training, research skills, sense of humor, and the knowledge gained from years of visiting colleges all across the country to help you negotiate the search, application, and decision process as enjoyably and efficiently as possible. We work with you to transform that process into an exciting growth experience, one that will bring you maturity and insight as you face, define, and overcome the challenges that moving from high school into the college phase of your life inevitably brings.

Come on board! We’ll take a process that can seem unmanageable, and help you shape it into your journey of discovery!

At BDCC, we can help you to:

  • Develop a low-stress college admission strategy that builds on your strengths
  • Assemble a portfolio that highlights your skills and accomplishments
  • Choose a college that best matches your interests, career goals, and finances
  • Gather the information you need to complete college admission applications quickly and efficiently
  • Prepare for the SAT and ACT exams and boost your score
  • Write authentic, gripping admissions essays
  • Find scholarship money and loans

We’ll give you the guidance, tools, resources, and personal attention you need to stay organized and find the schools that match you best. We’ll be there for you, but the journey only starts when you take the first step: commit yourself to winning the applications battle. Take that step now: call us for a free consultation at 303-669-8479. Get on board!


Trouble with tests or admission essays?

Whether you need test prep coaching or advice on writing admission essays, we can teach you the secrets of reaching your full potential. At Boulder-Denver College Consultants, we have years of experience teaching students of all ability levels to score higher on the SAT and ACT tests, and our essay-writing classes have helped hundreds of students learn to reach into their hearts to discover who they really are. If you used to think you’d never write an interesting essay or get past the stress of taking standardized tests, we can change your mind!

Need help keeping track of all those deadlines?

We show you how to get organized and manage information like a pro. Our checklists and tracking sheets gather all the college search, testing, and financial aid information you collect in one place, show you what you still need, and warn you when key deadlines are coming up. You can stop worrying that you’ve forgotten something critical—the classic college applicant’s nightmare.

What if you’re just “stuck”?

Everybody gets bogged down sometimes—it’s one of those challenges you’re going to learn to face and overcome. But we can help you get out of those paralyzing black boxes that our minds sometimes build around us, and move you back quickly into the clear thinking space where good decisions get made. Call us, text us, send us an e-mail: we’ve been through the whole process before, and we can show you what to do next.


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